Posted by: ajkawashima | November 16, 2011

My Media Usage

After monitoring my media usage for the past couple of days what has stood out to me about my media consumption is that I rely quite heavily on my laptop computer as my main media outlet. Over the past two days alone I used my computer to access the news, watch movies, conduct research for papers, access my social mediums like Facebook, as well as to download and listen to music. The reason for using my laptop so often and to access so many different media outlets is simple though, it is because in the wireless college environment I am living in it is the easiest and the quickest way to access news articles and online books for my paper and get my music all in one place without having to search around to much. Everything I need is just a click away so to speak.

Another media I used a lot though was print books, mainly for my classes. My textbooks are all hard copies and I had to use them to write papers for classes and do research for projects. Just because information is online and I used my computer a lot doesn’t mean that print has lost it’s importance. I still went to the library and checked out a book, and used my textbooks, and even spent some time reading my own paperback book. Some people believe that the web and internet is taking over the world of print, I think that online databases and the internet have definitely become more predominant in todays society as technology advances, but it hasn’t replaced print, nor do I believe that it will any time soon.


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